Sunday, July 15, 2007

July Livin'

I realize it's been a while since I last wrote, so here goes for an update. The last month has been rather enjoyable. My family has been going on outings on the weekends, which is nice, since I work full time on weekdays, so I don't get to be around them all that much. For instance, two weeks ago we went up to Paradise at Mt. Rainier National Park. It was really nice up there; there were a lot of cool viewpoints, and I was making good use of my fairly new digital camera. :) Last weekend I took two of my brothers and our cousin from CA who is visiting to Wild Waves, which was fun, although I sunburned myself yet again. Maybe one day I'll learn... Then the next day was my brother's 15th birthday, so we had a small family party.

This last week at work has been a bit more interesting than usual, though I can't say it was fun by any stretch of the imagination. See, I had to call up people that we owe money to and ask if it's been paid yet. Mostly people were nice about it, but sometimes they sorta chewed me out about their not having been paid (as if I of all people could possibly be responsible for that). Oh well, I'm almost done with that project, and thank the Lord for that. I think next week I'll be settling down to more normal things again.

Ahhh...5 more weeks until I return to college. So summer break is about...2/3rds of the way through now. I can't wait to go back and see everyone again and start up my old routine (with work-study added this year) and just be back on our gorgeous campus. It really is a second home to me now. Speaking of that, I really need to finish reading the Aeneid, which is our first seminar reading for sophomore year. I'm over halfway done with it, but I should just get motivated and finish the last 5 chapters this week. :)

I think to finish out this post I'll list some of my favorite quotes from classes last year at college. Round-table discussion can really lead to some interesting (and hilarious) moments...

Me, while doing the Death Star Prop: *drops chalk while writing furiously*
Mr. Walz: Miss French, I'm ashamed of you. You dropped your *lightsaber.*
Me: *glares at him, then turns back to board*
Mr. Walz: *starts making laser gun and lightsaber fighting sounds crazily from the other end of the room*

Someone in our class: Wait, what's the difference betweem lumber and timber?
Dr. Neumayr: Lumber is the cut wood; timber is the raw logs out in the forest.
Mr. Covalt: Yes, you know how they yell 'timber' when a tree is falling down.
Dr. Neumayr: You'd never hear them yelling 'lumber'.
Mr. Covalt: Unless a bunch of planks were falling off a truck on the freeway. Then you might be yelling, 'Look out! Lumber!!"

Mr. Arias (yes, I know, odd name for a Catholic theology tutor to have), on the first day of class: People tend to fall into material heresy in this class quite a bit. Don't worry, it's not a big deal; if it happens to you I'll most likely be able to set you straight again. If you can't work it out by talking with me, then probably your classmates AND me together will be able to help. If that still doesn't work...we have some stakes down in the athletic field that we'll be more than happy to burn you on.

Joe Mahar: *says something that Mr. Finley disagrees with*
Mr. Finley: I see that YOU don't have reason.

Mr. Potts: *has just been proved right in an argument with Miss Cupo*
Miss Cupo: So maybe I shouldn't have disagreed with Mr. Potts in the first place.
Mr. Baer: Oh, no! I think in general it's a very good principle to disagree with Mr. Potts.

Mr. Kolbeck: Just give a spider a couple of beers and see what kind of webs it builds.
Class: *puzzled stare*
Mr. Kolbeck: You guys have never done that?? Poor, deprived, childhood...


Blogger Jacob said...

Haha, amusing post. I definitely enjoy the quotes. I have been keeping an eye on this blog for a couple months wondering who the author was. I knew that it was somebody in section 2, but I couldn't pin it down, but you gave yourself away in that last post, Miss French.

I can't wait to get back to school.

9:18 PM  

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