Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

Well, I suppose it's about time for my monthly post. Things have been going pretty well here at TAC. We had the Mardi Gras dance a few weeks ago, and it was a blast! The juniors organized this dance, and their theme was Father Buckley (one of the chaplains here at TAC), and, since Father is from San Francisco, that city ended up being a prominent feature in the decorating scheme. We had Ghirardelli Square, Pier 39, and Fisherman's Wharf. The desserts were served (appropriately) at 'Ghirardelli', while clam chowder and sourdough bread were served at the 'Wharf.' There was also a large mural of the Golden Gate Bridge on one wall, and cardboard cut-outs of Father Buckley everywhere. The entertainment ( times - never mind what I mean by that) was mostly hilarious, consisting of skits, singing, and a movie all about Father Buckley's 'life,' which included spoofs of the Lion King and Titanic. It was really funny. The dance itself was really fun, as well (like usual).

We also celebrated St. Thomas Aquinas' feastday on March 7. We got the day off from classes, and in the evening we played the annual game of Trivial and Quadrivial Pursuit (name taken from the Trivium and Quadrivium studied here). Three teams, named the Grammarians, Logicians, and Rhetoricians, had to "correctly" answer a question about each of the six classes here (namely math, lab, theology, language/music, philosophy, and seminar) and then answer a final theology question correctly. The team captain would be asked a question by one of the tutors on the panel of judges, and his team would help him come up with an answer. The captain had to have an answer and be ready to give it by the time a guy from the other team had finished doing 20 push-ups. The judges would then decide whether the answer was satisfactory or not. A big factor in the game is the bribes that each team offers to the judges in order to try to get them to allow technically not-correct answers to pass as correct, if the team offers a good logical position for the answer. A certain number of objections were also allowed to each team, with which they could contest the decision of the judges, or other things that they...well...objected to! My team, the Grammarians, ended up winning, but regardless of that, it was a really fun evening.

And now today is St. Patrick's day, so we're going to have the traditional corn beef and cabbage dinner, after which there will be entertainment of some sort (I'm not sure what) and maybe some dancing as well. Anyway, my time on here is almost up, so I'd better wrap up now. God Bless you all!

OH! And one little P.S. for a commenter... Sorry, but I'm not in the habit of breaking rules, drinking, or smoking. Probably never will be either. But I'm still managing to have plenty of fun. :)


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