Sunday, February 18, 2007

Long Overdue Update

So I realize it's been a while since I wrote anything, but I've had a lot of stuff to keep me busy. I won't be able to make this very long, either, seeing as how there's a lot of people that want to use the computers today. I guess the main thing to tell about would be the Walk for Life in SanFran that I went to roughly around a month ago.

35 carloads of people went from TAC to SF, so about 250 people in all. We stayed in the gymnasium of Sts. Peter and Paul Church, arriving between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. on Friday-Saturday the 19th-20th (of January). I didn't sleep much that night, since it was cold and the floor was *quite* hard. We got up the next morning and went to Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral, which, for the record, is one of the ugliest churches I've ever laid eyes on. After that, people started gathering down at Justin Herman Plaza on the Embarcadero. All the TAC'ers got to be right up front since we were such a big group, and were told to be enthusiastic about the speakers. I think we managed. :) In addition we got special Walk for Life Volunteer t-shirts. Mine is an extra large and about 5 sizes too big to actually wear, but it was all they had left. The speakers were all awesome, and Father Pavone was one of them, so that was pretty darn cool. The actual walk started at around 12:3o-ish. There were protesters there, as was expected, but it didn't seem like there were nearly as many as there had been in past years, judging from the pictures I'd seen. According to the articles I read later, I was right in so thinking. Unfortunately, those who were there were extremely vulgar and obnoxious, in their clothing, signs, the things they said, and basically everything about them. We left them behind pretty soon, however, so much of the Walk was carried on in peace. The TAC'ers pretty much stayed together and sang lots of songs. We finally ended up down by the waterfront and the marina, where several people, including my room-mate, were interviewed by Father Francis Mary from EWTN. My room-mate's interview was put on the show, too, so she was really excited about that. Apparently I managed to be in the background at some point as well. The rest of the day was spent in sight-seeing.

Upon arriving back at the church at 9:15 or so, my room-mate's group decided to head back to the campus that night instead of waiting for the next day. I decided to go with them. So we left SF at around 9:30, and got back here at 3 in the morning. When Jacinta (my room-mate) and I got out of the car with all our bags, pillows, etc., and then found ourselves in front of the locked dorm gate without the prior permission of a prefect for coming back after curfew at that time of the night (which was what the other people in our car *did* have), we were wondering what in the world to do, when I ended up buzzing a friend of mine on the telephone in her room till she finally woke up and came out to let us in. We managed to sneak upstairs and into our room without being discovered, and so thus ended my first breaking of the rules.

Well, not much else exciting has happened lately, and it's time for me to scoot, so sorry if this post is a little rushed, but it's the best I can manage for now. God Bless everyone!


Blogger ridley said...

Holy crap, it thrills my heart to read about you cutting curfew. Your first act as an outlaw! It all gets better from here on out, I swear.

I too spent most of my freshman year as a good kid, going to all the dances and such and wondering why life at TAC was so depressing. Seriously, I can't even tell you how much everything improved once I started hanging out with the bad kids. Cutting curfew, breaking rules, and drinking underage (but only off-campus!) were more or less responsible for a huge amount of my intellectual growth at TAC -- and for a lot of my moral/spiritual growth as well, believe it or not.

Anyway, my advice to you would be to find the kids who go off campus to drink, or even just off campus to skip curfew, and roll with them for a while. It's a whole new world, I swear.

Some practical advice, in closing: You can climb over the wall of St. Monica's fairly easily, especially if you have someone to give you a boost. The inner doors up on the balcony are often unlocked. I recommend taking off your shoes and/or coat and stashing them in the courtyard, to make it look more plausible if you pass by a prefect in one of the common areas. Also, try leaving a study room or a laundry room window open just wide enough for an arm, and prop the screen up so it looks like it's on.

Have fun, kid. I know it's tough to break out of the cubbyhole you've been filed in, but it's worth it, I swear.

A nostalgic grad.

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