Monday, January 15, 2007

2nd Semester!

Okay, so I'm back from break here at TAC, and rarin' to go for my second semester of freshman year. Classes have been going well so far. Lab is especially interesting, because we're cutting open and observing chicken eggs at various stages of incubation. So far we've done unfertilized and 1-5 day old eggs, so 6 in all. Days 4 and 5 are really cool because when you peel off the eggshell you can see the little heart beating, both the ventricles and the auricles, and the blood vessels extending out into the yolk in all directions from the heart. The 5 day old eggs actually have a tiny chick embryo in them that you can see, with the eyes already visible in the head, and in some we were able to see a back-bone forming. Pretty darn cool. The only sad part was that we had to throw the tiny little things into a garbage can and thus kill them. *sniff*

The other classes are pretty much just same old stuff as always. The other day in math we were assigned four props, one of which I absolutely loathed. Well, that just *happened* to be the one Mr. Walz decided to give me. I managed to get through it fairly well, though I wasn't as confident about it as I usually am. Currently we're about to finish up book 6, which is all about similarity and ratios in figures.

So we've already had some fun stuff going on this week. Wednesday night was dancing, as always. Our usual two stalwart gentlemen (i.e. Nick Ruedig and Tommy Tsunami) were there running the show, and some other guys showed up for a while. Overall it was an okay dance, but not anything especially fantastic. Saturday afternoon Dan taught a foxtrot lesson. The ratio of girls to guys? 20 to 3. Yeeeeah. Seven or eight girls had to learn the guy part so as to lead the rest of us in the steps. It was pretty pathetic. But then later that evening I got a call from Max Becher (freshman guy) asking me to please come down to St. Augustine's for line dancing, as they had (get this) 6 guys and only 2 girls. Wow. That never happens. Well, I willingly came, and brought my roomie with me, and had two rollicking fun hours of dancing the Virginia Reel and other similar things. Yesterday (Sunday) evening, 5 of us from my section went to Mr. Wassel's house for dinner, as he is our advisor. It was a really nice evening. We had steaks and cherry pie, and a cup of hot tea after dinner, as well as a guys vs. girls game of Trivial Pursuit, with Mr. Wassel joining the guys and Mrs. Wassel joining us girls. We *ahem* beat the guys. It was pretty cool. We were there for about four hours, all told, and it was just a really relaxing evening.

Well, as Aristotle might phrase it, let so many things be said concerning my first week back from break. Hope you all are well, and God Bless!


Anonymous Dad said...

Tommy Tsunami? Is that for real? Sounds like the men need to be "encouraged" to attend dances more often. They're probably just embarrassed because they don't know how. (And by the way, the men would have won if I had been there.)
Talk to you soon,
Love you princess.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Sanchez said...

Actually, his last name is really Sundaram. We just call him that for a nick-name.

6:18 PM  

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