Friday, May 11, 2007


Yep, it's true, ladies and gentlemen. Yours truly has just finished her freshman year of college at Thomas Aquinas College. We finished up classes last week, and had four finals this week, and now we are officially DONE!!!! All the former freshmen have been taking great pride in calling themselves sophomores ever since about 11 o'clock this morning. I've already celebrated some by going and jumping into the swimming ponds in full class dress (i.e., nice shirt and skirt), and I'm about to go hit the town with a group of friends. *sigggggh* It's going to be awesome.

Anyway, I know this is a ridiculously short post, but I just wanted to scream about how wonderful it is to be done with school for the summer. God Bless you all! Comin' home in 2 days...


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