Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What to Say?

My summer has been rather uneventful so far this year. Or maybe it just seems uneventful compared to the constant bustle and excitement that was TAC. At any rate, I was sitting here wanting to write a blog post but then realized that I had next to nothing remotely interesting to write about. However, I suppose there are a few things I could say.

Firstly, my job is going okay. There hasn't been as much work for me to do the last couple of days, because what I was mostly doing for the first week was helping different people catch up on all of those little jobs (like filing, not-too-important data entry, etc.) that no one really wants to do but have been sitting around collecting for 3 months. But now all of that is finished and so there haven't been nearly as many things that someone like me could do. Everyone tells me that when the computer they ordered for me arrives, there will be tons more that I can do, but the computer (and the work, as a consequence) has yet to materialize. Today I only worked 5 1/2 hours when I wanted to do a full 8; I spent the rest of the time reading the Aeneid, the summer seminar reading for TAC returning sophomores (it's a really good book, BTW). Hopefully, though, things will get better in the next few days. My brother, who is turning 17 in August, also got a job the other day, up at the local hardware store. He was rather pleased about that, and I think that sort of a job suits him better than, say, working in Dairy Queen.

We also had Maple Valley Days last weekend, which is basically "the weekend when there is a parade and a carnival across the lake from us." Both of those events took place on Saturday, which was, unfortunately, quite rainy. The parade was fun; there were old cars, and people on horses, and tractors, and a marching band, and (my little brothers' favorite part) lots of people handing out candy! We got soaked to the skin standing out there in the rain watching, but I had a good time anyhow. Later that day we went to the carnival, which had a ferris wheel and a few other fun rides, little booths selling different things, and good food. It was still raining, but by that time I didn't really care, because I was already wet from standing out and watching the parade. So despite the weather, it was a good day all in all.

I think now is the time for the "random TAC memory" segment of this post. The particular memory that just popped into my head happened sometime in mid to late February. It was a Friday night on campus, and for some reason there just weren't a lot of people around. I walked around by myself for a while, along "dorm row," as I call it, out to the commons, down by the classroom buildings, across to the library, sat on the wall behind the library for a while staring down at the darkened athletic field, and then wandered back up to the coffee shop just in time to join in a lively and competitive match of the Name Game. In this game there are two teams, people write down the names of well-known singers, movie actors, etc. on little pieces of paper and put them into a hat, and then one person on a team will draw one of the names and try to get his/her team-mates to guess the name while the other team times them with a sandglass. It's pretty amusing, at times. So we played that for a while, and then decided to do the TAC version, which is exactly the same except with the names of people somehow associated with TAC. It was an intense match...people were yelling and screaming and banging their fists on the table...the pieces of paper were flying...the onlookers were cheering...and then...


Water went everywhere. On the table, under the table, all over the chairs and floor, all over us...yeah. Everywhere. First everyone screamed and looked around at the mess, then we noticed the shredded remains of a burst water balloon on the table, and Peter Schofield's coat-tails just disappearing through the door that leads into the servery. Well, an all-out murderous chase followed quickly upon the realization of the culprit's identity, and moments later he was being held down on the grass in front of the commons by several of the guys, while all of the girls ran back into the servery and filled up every glass/cup/mug they could carry with various beverages from the machines and brought them back out to dump on Peter. I myself managed to get in two cupfuls of ice cold water on his head, and I believe there was Sprite, lemonade, and even olive oil involved at some point. Eventually, though, our lust for blood was satisfied, and Peter was released, but the Name game had been quickly and effectually broken up. I spent the rest of the evening sitting in the commons going through the unused pieces of paper, finding out what people had written on them.

Anyhoo...that's just about all I can come up with to write about for the present. Maybe I should do "random TAC memory segments" more often...they're kinda fun...for me to write about, anyway...


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Yeah, I should do the same segment! Fun stuff... good times.

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