Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sacred Music from TAC, #3

Tu solus qui facis mirabilia by Josquin Des Prez. This is somewhat of a borderline piece between Renaissance music and the polyphony of Palestrina, Victoria, etc.

Tu solus qui facis mirabilia,
tu solus creator, qui creasti nos,
tu solus redemptor, qui redemisti nos
sanguine tuo pretiosissimo.
Ad te solum confugimus,
in te solum confidimus,
nec alium adoramus, Jesu Christe.
Ad te preces effundimus,
exaudi quod supplicamus,
et concede quod petimus, rex benigne.
D'ung aultre amer, nobis esset fallacia.
D'ung aultre amer, magna esset stultitia,
et peccatum.
Audi nostra suspiria,
reple nos tua gratia, O rex regum,
ut ad tua servitia,
sistamus cum laetitia,
in aeternum.

You alone are He who makes marvels,
you alone are the creator, who has created us,
you alone are the redeemor, who has redeemed us
by your most precious blood.
To you alone we fly,
in you alone we confide,
and no other do we adore, Jesus Christ.
To you we pour out our prayers,
hear what we beg, and grant what we ask,
O gracious king.
To love another would be for us deceit,
To love another would be great foolishness and sin.
Hear our sighs,
fill us with your grace, O king of kings,
that we may remain in your service with joy,
unto eternity.


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