Friday, May 21, 2010

Sacred Music from TAC, #1

I have decided to find and post recordings of some of the many choral pieces that are sung by the TAC choir at Sunday Mass, and other Masses throughout the liturgical year. This will hopefully give a taste of what liturgy at the college is like, and will also hopefully illustrate what the words above the door of the chapel are supposed to convey: Haec est domus dei et porta coeli (This is the house of God and the gate of heaven).

Tradiderunt Me by Tomas Luis de Victoria. This is a Lenten motet, and one of my favorites. I think it really conveys the sort of anxiety and anguish that Christ would have experienced during the Passion.

Tradiderunt me in manus impiorum
et inter iniquos proiecerunt me
et non pepercerunt animae meae:
congregati sunt adversum me fortes:
Et´╗┐ sicut gigantes
Steterunt contra me.
Alieni insurrexerunt adversum me
et fortes quaesierunt animam meam.

They delivered me into the hands of the impious,
and cast me out amongst the wicked,
and spared not my soul:
the powerful gathered together against me:
And like giants they stood against me.
Strangers´╗┐ have risen up against me
and the mighty have sought after my soul.
And like giants they stood against me.


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