Saturday, October 24, 2009

I hate the L.A. Times

Yes, I most certainly do. Reading the front section infuriates me nearly every day, but even turning to the comic strips doesn't always provide relief. So many of them have blatant political overtones and openly mock conservatives and/or Christians. Anyway, I finally had my camel's back broken by the proverbial straw in the form of one of the editorials this morning, and so wrote a letter to the editor. I wonder what the likelihood is of its getting published...

My trip to the Sequoia forest last week was a blast! Anthony and I left campus around 6:30 a.m. and didn't get to the park till about noon. On the way there we had to drive on a road called Lovers Lane, and I could NOT pass up the opportunity to take a picture of Anthony and me in front of the street sign. ;) A little later on, we were driving down this two-lane road way out through the boonies, and got stuck behind a cattle drive. It was actually rather amusing, driving 5 mph behind a couple of guys on horses herding a bunch of cows down the middle of the road. Eventually they turned off and we got going again. So when we finally did get there, we had lunch and then looked at a couple of large sequoia groves. Those trees are amazingly huge; they completely dwarf all the normal-sized trees around them. On the way from Kings Canyon to Sequoia National Park, there was a lengthy stretch of road that was having some construction done on it, and they were only letting cars through every hour on the hour. Of course, Anthony and I got to the roadblock at 2:05. *sigh* So we had to wait for nearly an hour. Luckily there was a pretty good view from that point out over a valley of sequoias, so it wasn't all bad. We got done in the park at about 4 p.m. and then headed back to campus, arriving at around 9 p.m. It was a really fun day.

Thursday I spent almost all day reading seminar, and when I got to class that night there were only 10 people there. Yikes. We normally have 19 people in our seminar class, and most of the people who are the normal talkers were missing. So, I made the decision that even though I normally didn't talk, I had better do it that evening or there would be almost no discussion. So I did, quite a lot, and everyone was pleased with me. I think I should do it more often. :)

On Friday there was a formal dinner, and the seniors were seated with members of the college's board of governors. Anthony and I were together, and also at our table were our friends Hayley, Tim, Peter and Jeremy. There were three members of the board at our table, two of whom were a married couple, and they were a blast! They were so hilarious, always joking with each other and with us, and full of questions about TAC, classes, Don Rags, and the mysterious system of friendship and dating as it works on the TAC campus. Tim and Hayley, and Anthony and I, were quite equipped to inform them on that point. :) Anyway, it was quite a rip-roarin' time at dinner. I enjoyed the chardonnay they served. I think I'm beginning to develop more of a taste (and tolerance!) for alcohol. I can actually manage a whole glass now, as opposed to a couple of sips.

This morning I "thesisized", as they say, quite vigorously for three hours, and have now completed nine pages. I think I'm still happy with how it's going, though I have to keep on it, as it's due on November 30. This evening I'm going out to dinner with Anthony, and we're taking my friend Beth and her boyfriend, also named Anthony. It's actually quite amusing; two Elizabeths dating two Anthonys. Anyway, her Anthony is visiting her from Canada (his home) this weekend, and since she and I are good friends, we decided to go on a double date. So that ought to be fun. :)

Anyway, I need to go start reading my next seminar assignment, Alexis de Tocqueville's "Democracy in America." I hope everyone has a good weekend!


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