Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Photographic Reflections

This is one of my favorite pictures of Anthony and me. I don't like it just because it's cute (which it is), or because it turned out nicely (which it did), but because of something about it that happened purely accidentally. If you look just above my head and slightly to the right, you'll see a crucifix in the background. I didn't even realize that crucifix was there, much less that it was going to get into the picture (just a slightly different angle and it might not have been at all), but it IS in the picture, and pretty centrally located too, right by our faces. This caused me to stop and think about God's role in our relationship, and in relationships in general. We should be putting Him at the center of it, allowing Him to guide us as we proceed further and get to know one another even better. He is the one who gives the help and the grace necessary in a relationship, and finally, it is He to Whom we should be striving to bring each other closer, so that we may eventually be happy with Him in Heaven. That's why I like this picture so much: because for me it illustrates the necessary components, if you will, for a successful relationship - us, and God.


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