Sunday, July 12, 2009

O Jesu Christe

More music - this time it's "O Jesu Christe", a motet by Jacquet de Berchem. Our choir at TAC does this one often during Lent, as it's a sort of penitential song. It's one of my favorites. This isn't the best recording I've ever heard, but it's the best I could find on YouTube.

O Jesu Christe, miserere mei.
cum dolore langueo,
Domine tu es spes mea.
Clamavi ad te,
miserere mei.

O Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.
With sorrow I sigh,
Lord you are my hope.
I have cried unto you,
Have mercy on me.


Blogger 3602244266 said...

Thank you for posting "O Jesu Christe". I am trying to get a CD of this and have our Parish sing it for lent. Such a beautiful song, As Thomas Aquinas proves in summa theolica, "only God could create a "good" to an "end" in the natural body of music.

12:31 PM  
Blogger 3602244266 said...

thank you for posting "O Jesu christe". please tell us where we can hear your favorite or where we can buy the CD of O Jesu Christe. thank you.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Frenchy said...

I'm afraid I haven't ever been able to find a CD recording of it anywhere. The one posted here is the most passable recording I've found on YouTube or elsewhere. I was always partial to the way my college choir performed it, but we never made a recording. ;) Sorry; I wish I could find a CD of it for myself! :)

6:18 PM  

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