Sunday, March 29, 2009

My 21st Birthday

So I turned 21 on Friday. Let me tell you what happened. I went to all of my classes, as usual, but after morning classes I had two wonderful packages waiting for me - one from my Mom, and one from my Grandma. My Grandma sent me a LOT of chocolate, as well as a wine glass that was specially painted with birthday messages (see pictures below). There were also a few other things in her package, but it would take a while to go through them all. My Mom sent me a new outfit from Coldwater Creek. It's a really cute skirt and sweater top. She also sent me these adorable black shoes. I really love them. :) After I opened all of that stuff up, one of my friends (who was unable to attend the party I was having on Saturday) took me out for lunch, and what we ate at the restaurant was a lot better than what lunch was on campus. :) My afternoon was normal, but after dinner Anthony, armed with chocolate, a guitar, and a large blanket, took me up into the hills behind the college to this meadow with a great view of the campus down below, as well as of the road going down the valley into town, and we sat out under the stars and talked and played guitar for a couple of hours. It was really nice.

On Saturday morning Anthony took me out to breakfast at this cute little place in Fillmore, after which we drove out to the beach in Ventura, where we walked around for a while, picked up shells, watched the sailboats and surfers, and generally just had a good time. Later that afternoon I met up with 12 of my girlfriends, and we went out to the BJ's Restaurant in Oxnard for a party for me. It was a LOT of fun. BJ's has amazing food; their pizza is especially good. I generally dislike the taste of alcohol, was my 21st birthday. I had about 10 different recommendations on what I should get, but I ended up going with a Cosmopolitan, which is a mix of cranberry juice, lime juice, citrus something-or-other, and vodka. Whew. I decided that I don't like vodka. It was okay at first, but after I drank roughly half, I couldn't take the taste of it any more. Oh well, I had the honorary first drink, and now I think I'll stick with lemonade when I go out to dinner in future. :) See the pictures below of me with the "stuff." The waiter brought me a free birthday pizookie (a mini-pizza sized cookie with ice cream on top), which was very warm and yummy. After that, my friend Annette insisted on a long-awaited photograph of me holding a bottle of Jack Daniel's Whiskey. The point of this picture is that I am about the last person who would EVER drink the stuff, so it would be hilarious to have a picture of me with a bottle of it on my 21st birthday. Anyway, I submitted to a LARGE number of photographs of me with it (as well as with a collectible 21 shotglass which was given to me as a birthday present). See the picture below of me with the above 2 items. All in all, it was a really fun dinner, and we arrived back on campus just in time for the college's production of Shakespeare's "Henry IV," which was very well done. And then today I had to do all the studying I didn't do over the rest of the weekend. Heh heh. :D

Here are the photos mentioned above.

The special birthday glass - with my drink in it.
Me - somewhat apprehensive.
I take my first sip.

I am pleased with myself. :)

The infamous photograph - me with Jack Daniel's and a shot glass.

All in all, it was a fabulous birthday weekend. :) Anyway, I have to go finish studying. God Bless!


Blogger MF said...

"Yes, and the whole world knows that Elizabeth French is a drunkard." :)

(For those not getting the jest, re-visit Pride and Prejudice and Mr. Bennett's comments about Charlotte Lucas.)


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