Monday, June 23, 2008

The end of sophomore year, and my summer so far

Sophomore year at TAC wrapped up pretty well, for me at any rate. The choir practiced long and hard and finally put on a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Trial by Jury." We incurred rather a major bump on the road to our performance in the way of a cracked ceiling beam in the commons area which required the entire room to be closed off for a few weeks until it could be fixed. We had been planning on having the performance in there, so as a result we had to move the entire set outside and down by the library, where there is a flat cement area for a stage and a large spot of grass to set up chairs on. We managed the entire move on the afternoon before our performance, and it turned out pretty well for being a last-minute get-up, or at least I thought so. The musical itself came off almost without a hitch, and I think everyone enjoyed it, not least of all we actors and singers! As per tradition, an impromptu outing to Angel's Donuts in Santa Paula followed the performance, and a good time was had by all. The next week we had a more "official" cast party at the beach in Ventura, with food and a small fire on the barbecue grill.

Scarcely had that blown over when it was about time to begin studying madly for finals. Math became my worst enemy the weekend before finals week, but all the pain paid off on Tuesday morning, because I knew as soon as I finished the final that I had totally rocked it. I was proven right a couple of weeks ago when my report card came in the mail. :) I had a completely awesome seminar study session later that day, followed almost immediately by the oral final, which went decently. Studying for lab was probably the most rewarding part of finals week for me personally. A TON of things just suddenly came together that hadn't before, and it was really nice. The final went pretty well for that subject as well. And then I proceeded to stay up until 12:30 or 1:00 that night with the same trusty group of friends I'd been studying with for all the other finals, racking my brains over the philosophy review sheet (which was FORTY questions long, people!). The final was possibly the most "interesting" final I've ever taken, especially considering that essay question #2 was quite vague, and I, along with most other people I talked to afterward, had NO IDEA whatsoever what the answer was. I congratulate myself that I came up with a couple of pages of stuff that at least somewhat made sense, and as I now know, I passed the class with a bit of breathing room, so it can't have been too terrible.

The last couple of days before I left to go home for summer break were a flurry of packing, packing, and more packing. And singing for the graduation Mass. And then more packing. And trying to hang out with friends for the last time in a while. And more packing. But I got it all done with a bit of time to spare, thankfully, so was able to spend plenty of time with good friends before having to bid farewell to them for the summer. That part of breaks always makes me sad... :(

Now that I'm home for the summer, I am working in the deli department at our local grocery store, doing such things as cooking food for the hot-case, slicing meats and cheeses, making salads, and generally keeping things looking neat, clean and sanitary. I work the closing shift most of the time, and so have to stay up until 11 p.m. a lot, which makes me rather tired, but I'll survive. In addition to that job, I am also playing organ at my church every Sunday at the Mass my family attends, and once in a while at our other Mass as well. And organ brings in pretty good money, so I'm happy to be able to do that.

Aside from working I am just hanging out with my family, and going on the occasional outing to the movies, local parks, and even to the horse racing track! I have to say that was a very fun day. I even won a bit of money on one of the races. :) And then lost it again on the next one. Oh well. When you keep the bets small, it's not a huge deal whether you win or lose.

Anyway, I am surviving, though I already miss TAC like the dickens, and to tell the truth, really want nothing more than to get back there and pick up where I left off in my perfect little world. :) Hope everyone is enjoying the first week of summer!


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