Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Messiah

This will just be a quick little post concerning what's up with my choir here at college. We are performing a good chunk of Handel's Messiah for our Christmas concert this year, and the auditions for the solo parts were held a little over a week ago. I tried out for 'He Shall Feed His Flock Like a Shepherd', and then decided to stay a while afterward to hear the other people sing. A bit later there were two tenors who were both auditioning for 'O Death, Where is Thy Sting', which is an alto-tenor duet. Mr. Grimm (the director) being desirous of an alto to sing with them for the purpose of having the counterpart in there, had me stand up and sing it with both of them, one after the other. It actually turned out pretty well, considering that I was sight-reading the piece. And then we all waited around for a week wondering. Until yesterday. The solo assignments were posted, and as it turned out, I got, not the piece that I had actually auditioned for, but the duet that I had sung with the tenors! I thought that was rather amusing, considering that it was originally just for the sake of their audition that I was singing it at all. So I'm pretty excited; I've really grown to like the piece. It's quite pretty, with the alto and tenor each doing their own thing, but still perfectly in harmony with each other. So hopefully that will turn out well at the concert.

Anyhow, I've got to go and study Latin (not too bad), philosophy (actually kind of interesting), and Ptolemy proofs (yuck). God Bless!


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