Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Last Week

Yeah, so last week was really busy. In a good way. On Wednesday afternoon we had our Most Grueling Choir Practice Yet (it went from 3:30 to almost 6:00), and I enjoyed most of it, though towards the end I was getting a bit tired and frustrated with people in general. But then that evening we had a Schubertiade and that made it all better.

...And there is a white mouse loose and running around in here and people are trying to figure out what to do about it.

Sorry, random tangent.

Yeah, so anyway, the Schubertiade was really good, especially the last orchestral number which featured a trumpet player, which is a novelty around here.

On Friday we had a lecture, given by Dr. Anthony Esolen, who translated the version of Lucretius that we read here in sophomore seminar. It was the Best Lecture Ever, basically. He was a very animated speaker, unlike most lecturers we have, and his lecture was just...fun, I guess is the best word to describe it. I was actually enjoying it instead of just sitting and listening politely.

And then on Saturday we had the Spring Dance. Our theme was "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," and the freshmen did a really good job! Their decorations were by far the most creative and fantastic of any of the dances this year, and the two guys who were MC'ing were absolutely hysterical. When they first came out on the stage they were dressed as two Arabs, and they said that the theme of tonight's dance was, *first guy spits out long Arabic phrase,* which in English roughly translated to "Seventy Brides for Seven Brothers." The whole commons was dying of laughter. Their food was sooooo good (think fried chicken and fresh-made fruit cobblers), and the dance itself was really fun. I, as per the usual, danced more times than I remember, staying up till...almost 2 a.m. It was a good evening.

Then the next day my grandma and aunt came to visit me for a few hours, because they were traveling through my part of the state. So I showed them around campus and generally kept them entertained for a bit until they had to leave. That was pretty fun. And then that evening I went to Mr. Grimm's house for dinner along with the rest of the choir. The Grimms own a horse which they keep at a barn across the road, so we went and visited horses before dinner, including a new-born foal! It was *so* cute. Then, after excellent barbecued chicken, we played a very rowdy game of Pictionary, in which my team absolutely *owned* (as my brothers would say) the other team. Good times, good times.

And now it is Tuesday after seminar (for which we had a pizza party) and almost time for nightly Rosary, so I will sign off now. God Bless!


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