Sunday, December 02, 2007

Concerning November

So I didn't write anything on here for the entire month of November, which means that there will be a gap in my archives from October to December. *sniff* Oh well, I'll live. All that, of course, is not to say that nothing of interest happened all last month. To start off with, we had Thanksgiving break from Wednesday through Sunday. Campus was Dead. Yes, with a capital 'D.' I think there were all of like, what...4 people still here that I knew well enough to carry on a conversation with. See, all the people that live close enough to drive home do so for the entirety of break, and often take large amounts of people with them. I was invited to go somewhere, but decided to stay on campus instead and get work done. It was rather nice, actually, to have the campus almost completely to myself. On Thursday I went to my friend Max Becher's house for dinner. Now, Max is currently at the ITI in Austria, but his family still invited over a bunch of the people that Max had met and hung out with a lot even though he is not here anymore. And that included me. It turned out that only 2 of us college students went there (everyone else had gone to various other places), but it was a rollicking good time. Mr. Paietta (one of the tutors) and Mr. Andres and family (another tutor - he's new this year) were there in addition to the 9 Bechers and us two. It was *awesome.* We stayed up way too late playing Apples to Apples (a highly amusing card game of sorts). The rest of break was relaxing, and yes, I did get some work done. :)

Just this last Friday the choir had the Advent Concert, for which we performed excerpts from Handel's Messiah. A lot of preparation went into this concert, and we were all looking forward to it exceedingly (I with a slight twinge of nervousness as well, since I had a solo part). It came off fabulously in the end. We performed the whole first part (since that is all about Christmas) and some of the more famous songs from the other two parts. My solo was a recitative towards the end, as well as a duet with a tenor - "O Death, Where is Thy Sting?" I think it turned out well, and so did all the other people that I talked to afterward. Hopefully the recording will be available soon.

Last night we had the Christmas Dance. The seniors hosted this dance, and their theme was the movie "It's a Wonderful Life." The decor was, as always, fabulous, featuring a large mural of the main street of Bedford Falls, as well as the drug store, Christmas trees, lights, and just general Christmas prettiness everywhere. The entertainment was vastly amusing, especially the skit about what TAC would be like had certain seniors never been there. :) Mary Teichert and John Brungardt were very funny, and I nearly *died* of laughter when Louis Bolin, Big Rich, and James Layne did their segment. After the entertainment, we had a gift exchange and time for food and socializing, and then...dun, dun dun...the drawing for the Win-A-Date contest. See, every year the senior class raises money to buy a gift for the college, something like a monstrance or a new entrance sign - something the college could use. One of the things the seniors did this year was the Win-A-Date contest. Any of the lovely ladies on campus could buy tickets for a drawing to be held at the dance, for their chance to win an evening out with Dan "the dancer" Selmeczy, Michael "Hotti" Bertotti, Matt Maxwell, um...some other guy whose name is slipping my mind, Jake "the unattainable" Whalen, or the Mystery Man (who turned out to be Arthur Grumbine). It was quite the spectacle to see those five gentlemen standing up on stage being auctioned off, as it were. I hope the lucky ladies whose names were drawn are happy with their lot. :) The actual dance was fun as well. I danced about the amount that I usually do at such events (have forgotten how many times I've been asked by the end of the evening), which is quite enough for me, staying up until around 1 a.m. before going to bed.

And now I am bursting with joy because I just finished my seminar paper!!! This is a good thing, considering that it's due tonight at curfew. Now I hope Mr. Wassell will think it's good... Anyhow, there is a line for the computers, so I'll scoot now. Happy Sunday to everybody!


Blogger Gregaria said...

Ahh! I totally know all the people you're talking about! I wish I could have been there just to see it all happen. I'm sure the entertainment was great, especially with those people performing.

God bless you! I'll probably see you during break.

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