Friday, August 01, 2008

Summery Summary

Alright, so that somewhat cheesy title was NOT my idea; it was my Dad's. Anyway. My summer has plodded along in a rather ordinary manner since last I wrote. I worked at the Safeway deli for about 2 and a half months, and just quit the other day in order to enjoy a couple of weeks of relaxation and socializing before our family vacation to Seaside, OR. I'm looking forward to that trip; we haven't been to Seaside in four years, and it was always fun before, so hopefully it will still be fun now. And after we get back from that, I am going back to TAC on August 23rd! Summer seems to have just flown by.

My job was, for the most part, a drag. I was a closer, which meant that I regularly worked from sometime in the afternoon until 11 p.m., sometimes later depending on how much work had to get done. I packaged a lot of salads for the cool cases, cooked a lot of rotisserie chickens for our hot case, washed a lot of dishes, and served a LOT of customers. Just for the record, customer service is NOT something I would be interested in doing in the future. People can just be rude sometimes! You'd be surprised at the number of people who simply have no concept of waiting in line to be served. Once a lady got mad at us because she thought our oven took too long to grill her panini sandwich (it only takes about 1 minute). Whatever. We really can't make the oven go any faster, and if you can't wait one minute for your sandwich, then that's your problem. Then there are also the people who complain to us bottom-of-the-ladder employees about the high prices, as if WE could possibly be to blame for that. The most annoying of all, however, are the customers who think they know more about doing our job than we do. There was this man once who ordered something from us and wanted to pay for it at our cash register right there in the deli. We said we couldn't do that because management had already taken our tills for the evening. So he rolled his eyes and started talking to us as if we were 5 year olds: "What's that?" (pointing at the cash register) We answered that it was a cash register. So, snottily, right back at us, "Well, doesn't it have tills??" We answered NO, management removed them from the register for the evening. He humphs, and stomps off angrily toward the regular registers. Sheesh... But anyway, I'm done with that job now, and good riddance.

I also got to go to the horse races with my Dad a month ago or so. That was really fun, and we're planning on going again in a couple of weeks. The family has been to the river a couple of times, and Dad has taken me and one of my brothers to the mountains for short hikes once or twice also. Just this morning we went on the Cedar River Watershed Educational Tour. Normally they don't let people into this big area up in the mountains because that's where the drinking water comes from, but they do tours once in a while where they take people in and show them around, so we did that this morning. And now we are getting ready to have a party, because it is one of my brothers' birthday today; he's turning the big 18. The next couple of weeks should continue to be fun. Tomorrow I'm hanging out with a friend from college, and next weekend my cousin and I are going swing dancing, so that ought to be a good time.

Anyway, the relatives will probably get here soon for the party, so I'll sign out for the present. I hope everyone has a good weekend!


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