Monday, June 22, 2009

Random TAC Memory, #2

I wrote the first of my "Random TAC Memory" segments two years ago, and decided (finally) to do another one. This one concerns April Fools Day of this year and what my section did to our lab tutor. He can be just a little bit OCD about certain things, e.g. he simply can't stand it when people don't write Q.E.D. at the end of their props. It's not a bad thing; in fact most of the time it makes life in lab class a lot funnier and more interesting. But on April Fools Day my section decided to play a couple of pranks on him. The first one involved moving the bookshelf in the classroom so that it was in front of the lightswitches (which we had switched off). Our tutor always flips on all the lightswitches on entering the room, if they're not on already, so we figured that preventing him from doing this by moving the bookshelf would be funny. The second thing we did was to take all the pictures on the walls and hang them up sideways or crookedly. This having been done, we waited for our tutor to arrive.

He came in about five minutes later, and automatically reached to the left to flip on the lightswitches. Finding a bookshelf in the way, he reached to the right. But, no lightswitches there either. For a moment he just stood there looking a little confused, until he glanced behind the bookshelf and saw the switches. He sighed, put down his briefcase, and tried to push the bookshelf to the side, but it ended up taking three people to get it pushed back to where it should have been. So then he started taking roll. He was doing okay until he got to me, and that was when he noticed that all the pictures on the wall behind me had been hung up crookedly. Looking somewhat alarmed, he said, "Ahh! Will it never end??" and ran over to the wall and painstakingly put all the pictures back in their proper positions. We were all laughing hysterically and of course told him that it was an April Fools joke, so overall it was really funny.

He got us back a bit later in the class, though, by calling someone for a prop that hadn't been assigned. Of course he didn't actually make the person do the prop, but he got a good scare out of us nonetheless. :) It was a good class.

More random memory segments will hopefully be forthcoming in the near future.


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