Friday, August 14, 2009

Alma Redemptoris Mater

This is a motet by Palestrina. It's one of our staples at TAC. (*while running around in panic mode 10 minutes before Mass* "What are we going to sing for recessional?" "Um, I don't know." "What about Alma Redemptoris? We just sang it two weeks ago, but everyone knows it." "Okay! Sounds good.") But despite the frequent usage, I positively love it. What's not to love? It is Palestrina, after all. ;)

Alma redemptoris mater,
quae pervia caeli porta manes,
et stella maris:
succurre cadenti,
surgere qui curat, populo,
tu quae genuisti natura mirante,
tuum sanctum Genitorem.
Virgo prius ac posterius,
Gabrielis ab ore
sumens illud Ave,
peccatorum miserere.

Loving mother of the redeemer,
who remain a traversable gate to heaven,
and star of the sea:
Succor the fallen,
Lift up the people, [you] who cures,
you who bore, with nature marvelling,
your holy Creator.
Virgin before and after,
from the mouth of Gabriel
taking that Ave,
have mercy on us sinners.


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