Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Days

Less than one month 'til the big day! I'm getting excited. There are tons of things still to do, and I'm beginning to have pre-wedding insanity bouts. The priest who's saying our wedding has been on a six-week vacation. I think he's back now, but I have been feeling slightly abandoned, especially since I have to reconfirm some things with him before I can send everything to our wedding coordinators and print programs. Ack! I also have to tie bows and tags on 180 little wedding favor gift boxes, and then tie more bows on the wedding programs once they're printed. Not to mention that I already tied bows on 120 wedding invitations. Joy. I decided that if I have a daughter who gets married, it will be a bow-less wedding. My last dress fitting was yesterday, so at least that's under control, but we have to meet one last time with our florist and photographer, and maybe get a videographer too. Have to make sure everyone who's supposed to be doing anything in and/or for the wedding knows what, when, and where they're supposed to be doing it. Have to make sure the choir comes together and attend any rehearsals. Have to print out directions to reception on cardstock. Have to get cards with photo-ordering information on them for any interested guests. I'm sure there are other things that I'm not remembering at the moment. Well, somehow I'll get through it all. Everyone always does.

Anyway, I'm expecting my maid of honor to get to my house at any minute. We're having a wedding-favor-assembly party. :) Signing out.


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