Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Raking Corrugations

One of the farm jobs that, for some reason, I find more appealing than others is raking corrugations. Corrugations are the rows in the field down which water flows to irrigate the soil. Now, sometimes the water doesn't make it from where the pipe is to the drainage ditch. Usually this happens because something is clogging the corrugation, and clogging generally occurs more frequently after the harvest because of all the loose straw that's left all over the field. Since I was visiting after harvest was mostly done with, many of the corrugations in the fields that we were irrigating got clogged. As a result, someone had to go down them with a rake, clearing out any gunk that was in them. As I said above, this job appealed to me for some reason, so I usually volunteered to do it. It always took a while to get all the way from one end of the corrugation to the other, but it was so rewarding to finally see the water flowing smoothly to the very end of the field! :)


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