Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Would You?

Would you call me hateful if I didn't let my kids eat cake all day even though they wanted to?
If I made them do their schoolwork instead of slacking off?
If I encouraged someone to exercise instead of lounging around all day?
Would you say I was bigoted against addicts if I didn't let them have drugs or alcohol?
No? I didn't think so. And why wouldn't you? Because in all these cases, I clearly have the best interests of those people at heart. It would not be good for my kids to be uneducated and eat cake all day. It would not be good or kind at all to let addicts keep on ruining their bodies and souls by substance abuse. So, if one really cares about and loves these people, one should stop them from doing the things they want to do at the moment so that their lives will be better in the future.

Now, leaving aside for the time being any arguments about whether homosexual acts are *actually* good or bad for the people who do them, I will say for myself at least, and I'm quite sure for many other good, caring people (Christian and non-Christian), that we do not discourage homosexual acts because of hatred or bigotry against homosexuals. We think, for various reasons, that homosexual activity is harmful to those who engage in it, and that it will be less good for them in the long run to do these acts than to abstain from them now. So, it is precisely because we LOVE and CARE ABOUT these people rather than hate them that we discourage such activity.

So please, don't call me hateful or bigoted because I discourage these acts - as in the examples above, I only do so out of concern for the individuals involved, and if you are agreed that it is absurd to call me hateful in the above examples, it is therefore equally absurd to do so in this case.


Blogger Yeoman said...

Indeed, not only would your discouragement of such acts not indicate hatred, but rather it would indicate the opposite, i.e, love. By seeking to discourage people from harmful conduct, you seek to save them from destructive acts. That doesn't exhibit hatred, but the opposite.

The problem that you run into, with such arguments, is that you will inevitably run into the "God made me this way" or "Nature made me this way" counter argument. However, that argument is hollow, as it would apply equally to any destructive desire. Would that argument justify pedophiles or arsonists, for example, in their destructive desires. No.

Of course, homosexuals will argue that their conduct isn't harmful at all, which is mostly evidence of how far down the slippery slope we have gone. All the evidence, on the contrary, is that the natural condition is one man, one woman, for their lives. The results of the opposite are abundantly clear from our newspapers every day. What we've forgotten is that sex is about procreation. Having severed ourselves from that, we've forgotten it, and now it's only about entertainment. Once a person fails to understand why sex even exists, it becomes hard for them to understand why there should be any restraint. The net result is a lot of human misery. Children without fathers, adults with a constant stream of torrid affairs, violence, and the like.

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