Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook, Bad Words, and 1 Corinthians

I don't like it when people feel free to use bad words in their Facebook statuses. A couple of people in particular that I know do this fairly often, and usually in big, bold, capital letters. No substitutes, no abbreviations, no little stars, just the four-letter word emblazoned brazenly within their status for everyone to see. Oftentimes I've logged into Facebook and when the home page popped up, there they were at the very top, and I had no chance of navigating away to miss it. I'd already seen the word, and it was too late. This bothers me because, not only do I never, ever want to say those kinds of words, I don't want to hear them or see them or have them in my mind either. The more often one sees and hears them (and thus the more easily they come to mind), the less shocking do they seem, and the more likely one is to start saying them oneself.

Now, even if the people using these words in their posts don't think it's wrong to use them, they surely must know that many other people do think such usage to be wrong (as in fact it is). I am fairly certain that, given the background I know these people have come from, they would know that using those words would be offensive and scandalous to a lot of their friends. This brings to mind chapter 8 of 1 Corinthians, in which St. Paul discusses how, even if we know certain actions to be morally okay, we shouldn't do them if it would scandalize a fellow Christian, and that if we do perform those actions that scandalize him, we commit a sin. How much more then, would we commit a sin if we do something which is itself sinful in addition to causing scandal to others!

In this case, I think that if the people using bad language don't quit soon, I will have to block them, because I'm tired of unwillingly being subjected to seeing these words whenever I log in to Facebook.


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