Monday, August 23, 2010


Whilst innocently perusing YouTube this morning, I happened across a back episode of "Say Yes to the Dress." The episode itself wasn't what prompted this post, but rather the discussion in the comment boxes below. There was a somewhat fierce argument brewing (what it was about doesn't really matter), and in the course of it one of the commenters lashed out at her opponents, calling them "sorry white trash" and "bitches." Okay, first of all, how in the world did she even know they were white? I suppose if they had posted pictures of themselves on their YouTube profiles, she might have been able to know that, but it's quite unlikely. None of the YouTube profiles I've ever looked at have had the person's picture on them. More importantly though, the comment was racist, pure and simple. "White people are trash" is effectively what it was saying. This becomes even clearer when you consider the first point: that there really was no way she could have known they were white. She didn't like what they were saying, so she called them "white trash." This means that in her mind, being white is being less good, less intelligent, or what-have-you, and that calling somewhat white is an insult. Even had she known they were white it would have been bad enough - the comment implies judgment based on skin-color and not on character. Since she didn't know, however, it just shows all the more clearly how she views whites - she saw some people acting (to her view) in a bad way, and immediately attached the term "white" to them.

Now, the reason I entitled this post "Hypocrites" is because such a thing would never, EVER be tolerated in the reverse direction. If I went on YouTube today and started throwing around the phrase "sorry black trash" or something comparable, the racist card would be flying so fast it would make your head spin. If I were a somewhat important person and said "sorry black trash" I would probably have to apologize publicly and end my career. If I did something so innocent as make a talking card that said the words "black hole" during the message, I'd have to recall it because a few African Americans thought they heard the words "black ho." (Yes, this incident did happen, and as my Mom said, the only thing it really shows is that the African American culture needs to clean up its language.) But the whites are open game. Minorities can call us whatever they like - crackers, white trash, gringoes - and they are NEVER taken to task for it.

I wrote a post last year on affirmative action and how it really fosters racism more than suppresses it. I say the same to those of you in minorities who cannot do anything but pull the racist card on anyone who disagrees with you or doesn't give you what you want, while at the same time practicing far worse racism in return: you are only hurting your own cause, because nothing is more likely to make people dislike you than your constant victimization of yourselves at the expense of everyone else.


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