Monday, May 01, 2006

Illegal Immigration

I'm sure you've all heard of the recent hubbub being made by illegal immigrants across the nation. Numerous rallies have been held protesting a bill that would make it a federal crime to live in the U.S. illegally. The bill would also provide for harsher punishments for those who hire or in other ways assist illegal immigrants to continue living here. It was passed by the U.S. House in December.

Now I'm sure that a lot of these people really do respect and love the U.S., and want to contribute whatever good is in their power to this country, but there are many others who want to live here, make more money, and profit from our economy, but don't care two cents about the country itself. In some of these rallies, people held extremely offensive signs saying things like, "Racist whites, go back to England!" There were a few American flags, but the vast majority flew Mexican flags, as well as flags from a couple other Latin American countries. It seems to me that if a person really wanted to stay here because they were loyal to and loved the U.S., they would fly our flag, but they aren't. This indicates to me that they don't really want to become a part of our nation, to become a true American. They merely want to live here and take all the good things our country has to offer, while remaning Mexican in every other aspect of their lives. One of the ralliers said that the Mexican flag was flown because the Latinos wanted to preserve their own heritage and culture, and although it was never actually stated, I got the distinct impression that what they meant was to preserve their own culture to the exclusion of U.S. heritage.

As if only flying Mexican flags wasn't bad enough, some illegals had the gall to fly an American flag upside down beneath a Mexican flag. I understand that flying the flag upside down should only be done in cases of extreme distress or danger. Could this action possibly signify the Mexicans' true intentions regarding this country (a distressed and beaten U.S. downtrodden beneath a triumphant Mexico)? I don't know for sure, but whatever their intentions/meaning, it is a serious breach of flag etiquette to do such a thing, and to me signifies disrespect for our country.

I understand that this issue is hotly debated even among my fellow Christians and Catholics, so if I offend anyone in publishing my opinions, I apologize in advance. If anyone would like to comment/express any other opinions/viewpoints, feel free to do so. The link at the bottom will lead you to a website where several pictures of illegal immigrant rallies are posted. Check it out. I would suggest only viewing the pics in the first post and not scrolling down farther, as there is some foul language further down the page.

Pics of Illegal Immigrant Rally


Blogger Gregaria said...

Yeah, this is a hot issue. I don't think its right for the country of America to allow immigrants to live here illegally, mostly because illegal immigrants get to live here and work here without having to pay taxes. So, basically, they are living here for free and the rest of America is paying for them to live here. Not fair!

I don't think its really a good argument to say that, just because illegal immigrants have insulted our country, we shouldn't pay attention to their protests or whatever. There are millions of Americans who disrespect this country constantly and they are entirely within their rights and do not lose any priveleges. After all, it was important to the founding fathers that, in America, anyone can say whatever they want about the government and not get penalized for it.

Now, I want to point out that this position does not contradict basic Christian Charity. As a Catholic, I think its important for me, especially as far as my salvation is concerned, to be as charitable as possible to everyone, including illegal immigrants. It is entirely up to me if I want to pay for immigrants to live here illegally.

However, the government can take a totally different stance and still be entirely just and right. The government's primary concern should be for the protection and welfare of the citizens of America and, if American citizens are worse off financially for having to pay for illegal immigrants to live here, if they cannot raise their children or provide adequate food and housing for themselves from lack of funds, then the government's duty is to put a stop to it.

I hope this makes sense. Nice post!

10:25 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Good point, Sanchez. The way I figure it, if these people are doing jobs that Americans don't want, why don't we allow them to become citizens?

There's a bill in the Senate right now that would allow illegals to become citizens provided that they pay a fine and learn English. It doesn't help the economy any to deport these people.

7:00 AM  
Blogger Giacomo said...

I wish some of the *legal* immigrants would learn our language! :~)

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Deirdre said...

My problem with your argument is that "American" heritage is completely inherited from other countries. The original Americans' culture hasn't exactly been respected throughout our history. I think that if polite, Catholic, hard-working Mexicans want to contribute some of their values to our "culture," more power to them.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Sanchez said...

The truth of your statement is graciously acknowledged, Deirdre. I would certainly agree that Catholic values ought to be more prominent in our culture than they currently are. If Mexican immigrants can contribute to that, then that's wonderful. My main beef (sorry if I didn't make it clear enough) is with the certain groups of illegals who don't respect our country at all, and who do the sorts of things I described. If a person is going to say and do the disrespectful and threatening things that some of them have, I would argue that they aren't the best of Catholics anyhow (if they are at all), as one who was a good Catholic would follow Church teaching and have respect for the laws of our country (assuming they are just).

5:33 PM  
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