Thursday, February 23, 2006

Prayer Request

Last week a rather nasty virus was brought into our household by one of our 8 family members, and since it first arrived about 10 days ago, everyone in the family has come down with it. Some of us are better, and some have just gotten it. I had it for 5 or so days and am still gradually recovering. It's one of the worse ones, consisting of fever, sore throat, a cold, and in some of us, a slight case of the stomach flu. To top it off, my Mom (who had it the worst) went to the doctor the other day and found out that she had strep throat. So now we're trying to figure out whether strep throat IS the illness that we've all had, or just another one that we now have to try to avoid and that we don't really know who has. It's pretty hectic, so prayers for our speedy recovery would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Went to the doctor and found out that it is strep throat that all of us have. I can tell you, it isn't one bit of fun. Basically it's like constant fever, sore throat, and awfully congested sinuses. Blehhh...


Blogger Giacomo said...

Not to late to pray to St. Blaise!

- St. Blaise, pray for us! -

10:53 PM  
Blogger Sanchez said...

Gosh, how could I forget St. Blaise? Thanks for reminding me.

7:50 AM  
Blogger FionaMargaret said...

Ha, strep throat sounds pretty much like allergies on steroids. I know far too much about allergies...

9:12 PM  

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