Friday, February 17, 2006

Modern Teen Relationships

I've known for a while that many of today's teens (especially boys) "hook-up" with somebody for mainly one reason, that, but I received a double confirmation of the fact a couple weeks ago.

I was at school, in Spanish class, and the teacher was out of the room for a few minutes taking some papers to another class. A conversation got started in the general vicinity of my desk, consisting of two or three boys and one girl. It went something like this:

Boy #1: Hey, does anybody know who I can call up to have some "fun" tonight? (Of course we all know what he meant by "fun"...)

Boy #2:
Oh! Yeah, call Brittany, she'll give you what you want.

Boy# 1:
Brittany is such a b****!

I don't like that term! I prefer the word "giver."

Boy#1: *rolls eyes* Whatever. Doesn't change what she does.

As if overhearing that savory discussion wasn't enough, a couple days afterward I was witness to a rather dramatic break-up which took place in the school parking lot. I don't think the couple in question was aware that I could overhear them, but the math portable is right next to the lot, and I happened to be standing outside after lunch break waiting for my teacher to come back from a meeting and unlock the door. Anyway, this event happened as follows:

Girl: Wait!! You're're not actually breaking up with me, are you?? How could you do that??

Boy: Hey listen! I thought you would've figured out by this time that I only wanted you for the *insert unsavory word here*!

Girl: *not sure whether to cry or be otherwise hysterical* I thought you liked *insert same unsavory word here* with me!!

Boy: Well, you know, it was fun for a while, but I'm tired of you now. *walks away with girl running after him still crying and begging*

I have to admit that I did feel a little sorry for the girls who were taken advantage of in these situations, but all the same, what do they think they're going to get if they let a guy have whatever he wants from them without having to have any commitments going with it? For the most part, if a guy can get what HE wants out of girl to whom he has made no promises, and who he is fairly certain won't get pregnant because of it (due to contraceptives), he isn't going to get engaged to her or marry her. Why should he? He can get his pleasures without the commitment of marriage or the responsibility of children. This being the case, as soon as the guy gets tired of the girl he's with, he dumps her just as easily as he hooked up with her in the first place and moves on to his next so-called "conquest."


Blogger Madeline said...

Ugh. That's just horrible.

10:08 AM  
Blogger Sanchez said...

I know. Sadly, at public school, things like this are not uncommon.

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Being a pretty nice guy, I couldn't imagine taking advantage of a girl like that. I'd shoot myself if I ever did something like that.
But seriously, girls need to be a little more informed about guys. Some girls are just suckers. For instance, a guy'll tell a girl whatever she wants to hear just as long as he gets sex. Girls need to know how to detect shallow guys...

Anyway, good post.

BTW, I know a couple guys like this and their behavioral issues can always be traced back to porn.
Just an interesting fact.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Gregaria said...

Wow. That is really really sad. I've been brought up to detect shallow guys. Girls need to realize! Of course, the public schools don't exactly try to teach these valuable detection skills... they just let the guys do whatever they want.

10:14 AM  
Blogger the Green Flash said...

You mention contraception as a way the boy can escape responsibility for his *unsavory act* with the girl. It is interesting to note that, although the issues of contraception and abortion are today touted as "women's rights" issues (and using women mostly as "fronts" to effect changes in public opinion), they were originally (in the first half of the 20th Century) more honestly championed almost exclusively by MEN, precicely as a way to escape responsibility for raising the children who would likely result from their selfish and degrading use of women. Originally, the Women's Rights Movement(s) strenuously opposed contraception and abortion for the exact same reasons that the men were supporting them, knowing that they were intended to make life more "convenient" FOR MEN, and that they would HARM women!

Those few women, such as Margaret Sanger, who did join in the push for legalizing such things, did so (among other reasons, such as eugenics) also to escape the situation such men put them in--and also to salve their own consciences for their own promiscuous behavior.

3:58 PM  

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