Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm tired of know-it-alls

So I'm getting really sick and tired of all these horse racing "experts" who feel like they have to degrade every horse that comes along and garners some attention for the sport.  First it was Zenyatta: "She's just a synthetics specialist; they didn't race her against males; her competition was lousy, etc. etc."  Now it's Uncle Mo, an undefeated 3 year old who has whooped every field to face him so far, and who has a lot of people excited about this year's Triple Crown prospects.  The comments now are about his pedigree and pre-Derby prep schedule: "He's not bred for distance or stamina; he's just a sprinter so he'll never get the Triple Crown distances; he's never run a race longer than 1 1/16 miles; his prep schedule for the Derby is too easy, etc. etc."

Okay, whatever.  Even if you despise Zenyatta, even if you think Uncle Mo has no chance at the Derby or Triple Crown, can't you just sit back and zip it for a while and let people be excited about these horses and about the sport of horse racing?  If Uncle Mo isn't good enough for the TC distances, it will become apparent in time.  But at least for the present, let us fans enjoy watching an excellent Derby contender and hoping that maybe the TC will finally be taken once again.


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